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Estate Planning – What Is It And Why Is It Necessary?   For people living in the south Auckland area, it is important to talk to a Manukau estate planning lawyer. Below we will look at why that is important.   What Is Estate Planning? In simple terms, estate planning is the process of deciding what and how much you will leave in your estate, and to whom. For example, you may want to leave your legacy to your children or your surviving spouse. It […]

Is it Possible to Contest a Will? Ask An Auckland Lawyer The last Will and Testament of a person is a legal document that is created by somebody who wants to ensure that their property is distributed properly, according to their wishes. In many cases, it will simply split the assets between the children, or between other people who the deceased feels are deserving of some inheritance. Along with caring for those needs, a Will may also spell out specific things that need to be […]

What To Consider When Buying Diamond Jewellery in NZ There’s an air of prestige attached to a diamond. For a woman, diamond jewellery is one of the most romantic and appealing gifts she could possibly get. Diamonds have a strong reputation, and that reputation is a positive one. However, that doesn’t mean that one piece of NZ diamond jewellery is as good as another. A diamond is a big purchase. You want to make sure that you choose the best possible piece. Make sure you […]

Choosing High-End Handmade Jewellery There are few people that need to have any sort of excuse to buy a great piece of jewellery. However, when you are shopping around for high-end handmade jewellery, there are a whole lot of reasons why this is the best way to go. Whether you are looking for a way to show appreciation to someone as a gift or you simply want to treat yourself to something wonderful and unique, handmade jewellery of all styles are a great choice. Not […]

5 Benefits Of Purchasing Custom Made Jewellery It is no secret that many people choose to purchase ready-made jewellery because it’s cheaper and accessible. However, some people are looking for something a bit more personal or meaningful, and mass-produced pieces just don’t fit the bill. That’s why custom-made jewellery is something you should be considering if you’re looking for a high quality piece. You will also find that this jewellery will be made with careful attention to detail and that will last for generations to […]

How to get the perfect engagement ring for you If you have met Mr Right and he proposes to you, it is highly likely that he is going to buy you an engagement ring. In the immediate excitement you will be happy with anything but let’s be real. Over time you will want to have THE perfect engagement ring. You will want to show it off to your girlfriends and of course, it will be a (hopefully) life-long reminder of the love between the two […]

Where To Buy Italian Designer Jewellery Nothing says an elegant birthday, anniversary, or “just because” present like Italian designer jewellery. Whether you want to get it for a special someone or for yourself, any reason is a good enough reason for the exquisite detail and high-quality materials that go into designer jewellery from Italy. But where do you get the best deals and most authentic pieces? There are pros and cons to getting your jewellery from just about every source. Below we dive into them […]

The Best Approach To Choosing A Bespoke Jewellery Designer In Auckland Do you know someone in your life who absolutely loves jewellery? Perhaps the person is you. If you look at jewellery regularly, you may feel that there is not much variety out there anymore. Maybe you have something in mind, but you are not able to find something that matches what you want exactly. So, you end up settling for something that you are not completely satisfied with. Wouldn’t it be nice if you […]

Dodo Jewellery

How Dodo Jewellery Can Compliment Your Style Do you always accessorize? If you do not have a large collection of jewellery, you should consider shopping for a few accessories you can add to your favorite outfits. Jewellery also makes great gifts and will show your significant other how much you care. Dodo jewellery is an original choice for your accessories. Dodos, the flightless birds, were the inspiration for the first pieces that were created. The collection grew over the years and you can now purchase […]

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