The Perfect Engagement Ring

How to get the perfect engagement ring for you

Princess-cut diamond ringIf you have met Mr Right and he proposes to you, it is highly likely that he is going to buy you an engagement ring. In the immediate excitement you will be happy with anything but let’s be real. Over time you will want to have THE perfect engagement ring. You will want to show it off to your girlfriends and of course, it will be a (hopefully) life-long reminder of the love between the two of you.

But even in moments of high emotion, we also have to be practical and let’s face it, a gold diamond ring is not the price of a coffee. It’s a serious amount of money. So you want to be sure he is going to pick out the ring that you want to wear for the rest of your life. Here are some tips from brides who helped their beau buy the perfect engagement ring.

1. Give him a picture of the ring you want

This tactic is definitely not subtle. It is not for the faint of heart. But on the other hand, it will take a load of pressure off your fiancé. He will know exactly what you want so he won’t be concerned if he’s making a mistake with his choice.

There are various ways you can do this.

You can take cuttings from magazines which you can give to him or if you want to be a bit more romantic, you can put a picture inside a card on Valentine’s Day.

You could show him pictures as you flip through magazines but then he will have to find the right picture again.

You could enlist the help of friends to “advise” him but that has an element of risk as there may some misinterpretation by your friend, him or both.

A final idea is that you can leave your web browser open at sites showing the style of ring you would like. Hey, you could even put a sticky note on the screen pointing to the ring you really want.

2. You could choose the engagement ring together

More and more couples choose this route with both of them going to the jewellers to select their engagement ring. The man can be sure that he will not be picking the wrong ring if his girlfriend is at his side to make the decision. However, there is a risk that she will be talked into spending more than he was comfortable with.

The best way to avoid this is to have a discussion before you go into any jewellery stores and reach a solid agreement on the maximum amount you will spend. Stick to that figure and do not be swayed by the person in the shop. This way you will both be happy. You don’t want to start your engagement with an argument over money.

3. Your mother, sister or girlfriend can go with him

For many women, their sister or girlfriend is going to have a very good insight into what will make them happy. The chances are they will know your dress style better than him. He will know when you look good but I bet he couldn’t say what your best colour his. ?

If you want to make sure your man gets the right ring, this is a safe option. It avoids the pushy approach of out-right telling him and also means he gets to buy it without you being there. So, if you are a bit traditional in that respect, having one of your friends or sister going along to the jeweller is a good idea.

4. Be willing to accept whatever ring he chooses

Every girl loves a surprise but sometimes surprise gifts are not quite what you would choose. So for the ring to be perfect, you simply have to put aside any financial values, materialistic desires, be open (and grateful) that whatever ring he picks out is for the right reason, an expression of his love for you.

You can drop a few hints if you don’t want to leave it all to chance but after all, an engagement ring is not a competition to see who has the biggest diamond, but it is a symbol of the eternity between the two of you.

5. Make your own design

If you rely on a jewellery shop or chain you are limited to the designs they carry in stock. Instead, look for a good jewellery designer. You can explain to them the colours and styles you like such as the stones, the colour of the gold, yellow, white or rose gold, or platinum and show them some styles you have seen which you like.

They can bring it all together and provide you with a design that is unique to you and perfectly matches your own preferences.

Finding the perfect engagement ring in Auckland

Whichever of the above options you prefer, there is a jeweller who can help you.

rose gold engagement ringOrsini Jewellers of Parnell carries a range of Italian designer engagement rings from some of the world’s most famous brands. They also have their own collection of diamond rings you can select from. So if you give a picture to your fiancé they will be able to find a ring that closely matches the one you hope for.

They can arrange a private viewing so that either your fiancée can go along with you or one of your friends to make the choice.

For those who want to design their own unique ring, the owner, Sarah is also an accomplished jewellery designer. She can interpret your ideas into a fabulous diamond engagement ring that you will both be delighted with.

There are some engagement rings online on their website here but feel free to give them a call and go along for a viewing.