Custom Made Jewellery in Auckland

5 Benefits Of Purchasing Custom Made Jewellery

Custom made jewellery AucklandIt is no secret that many people choose to purchase ready-made jewellery because it’s cheaper and accessible. However, some people are looking for something a bit more personal or meaningful, and mass-produced pieces just don’t fit the bill. That’s why custom-made jewellery is something you should be considering if you’re looking for a high quality piece. You will also find that this jewellery will be made with careful attention to detail and that will last for generations to come.

If you’re still not convinced that custom jewellery is for you, take a look at our five reasons compiled below why you should make your next jewellery purchase a custom one!

1. Manufactured With Your Ideas

Ready-made jewellery focuses on the current trends, how many pieces can be sold and their profitability. You won’t find anything with a special touch or even anything that remotely matches your personality. When you purchase something ready-made, you usually end up settling for something you like, but not love. This isn’t the case when you order custom made jewellery.

Custom jewellery will always be manufactured with your creative ideas and unique personality in mind. You are updated every step of the way and you work with professionals to create an heirloom worthy piece.

2. Focus On Quality And Craftsmanship

The number one thing that most mass-produced pieces of jewellery lack is quality and craftsmanship. They are generally manufactured to last a couple of years at best. It is quite rare to spot ready-made jewellery pieces decades later in perfect condition. This is because companies that manufacture these types of jewellery care about their profit margins and selling as much as they can while the trend lasts. Fortunately, jewellery shops that offer bespoke jewellery focus on making the customer happy and not what the current trends are.

Special care and attention is taken during the design, casting and finishing process. Meanwhile, you can certainly expect to pay more for a custom piece, you can rest assured that you’re getting jewellery that can withstand years of wear and tear.

3. Only Made Once

The great thing about custom jewellery is that it will only be made once. That means you won’t spot someone else wearing your design on the street or at a party. For many people, this is an especially important factor to consider when purchasing a piece that lasts a lifetime. This can be where you want your own unique engagement ring or if you are going to a particularly special gala for example. Click through for some examples of custom engagement rings.

4. Lasts A Lifetime

Hand-made jewellery will last you a lifetime, and you can pass it on to the next generation. A custom piece is an heirloom piece. It is designed with special attention to detail and with “you” in mind. This is why you should be shopping for high-end personalised pieces if you’re looking for something that your relations will enjoy for generations.

5. Available In All Sizes

Custom made ringOne of the biggest problems that people face when considering mass-produced jewellery is that people requiring larger sizes in rings or longer bracelets are unlikely to find one that fits. For some reason, most jewellery stores don’t understand that not everyone has the same sized finger or wrist, which is why it can be next to impossible to find a piece that really fits you well. In fact, you may sometimes end up sacrificing quality just to find a piece that fits you. This is why you should purchase a bespoke piece of jewellery if you want that perfect fit.

In Auckland you can find a few good quality custom jewellers. Here are two – Orsini and Finejewellery. Orsini is based in Parnell and has exclusive representation of the best Italian jewellery such as Marco Bicego but they also design and manufacture custom-designed jewellery pieces.

Custom-made jewellery does cost quite a bit more than something ready-made. However, when you consider how much money you’ve invested in ready-made pieces over the years that you don’t like, you can save the money and invest in a piece that will last you a lifetime. After all, isn’t that what heirlooms are all about?