Designer Jewellery In Auckland

The Best Approach To Choosing A Bespoke Jewellery Designer In Auckland

Do you know someone in your life who absolutely loves jewellery? Perhaps the person is you. If you look at jewellery regularly, you may feel that there is not much variety out there anymore. Maybe you have something in mind, but you are not able to find something that matches what you want exactly. So, you end up settling for something that you are not completely satisfied with. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can find the perfect piece of jewellery, every time? Well, you can. You get exactly what you want if you get bespoke jewellery, jewellery that is custom-made for you.

Bespoke designed jewelleryYou may think that only the super-rich can afford something like that. That is not true. Bespoke jewellery is not as expensive as you might think. It all depends on the designer whom you use. Of course, the well-known, famous designers will charge an exorbitant amount of money, and only the social elite or celebrities are the only people who can afford them. However, you do not have to choose a designer that is famous. If you look in the right places, you can find very talented bespoke jewellery designers who design jewellery for high-end stores as well as custom-design for individual clients.

Look at the styles of these designers and see which ones appeal to your taste. The stores that carry their line may have contact information on the designer that they can share with you. If not, you may be able to find information on the web. Many designers have their own websites and will indicate if they design bespoke jewellery. There are some details here of bespoke jewellers.

When you have identified a few designers whose designs you admire, schedule a meeting with them if they are local. During your meeting with each of them, talk about what kind of jewellery you would like to be designed. Provide a good description as to the precious metal or gemstones that you would like to incorporate into the design of your jewellery. Indicate how soon you will need it, if you plan to wear this on a special occasion. Get a price estimate on how much it would cost. After you have met with all of your potential designers, choose the one whom you like the best.

Bespoke designed ringThe bespoke jewellery designer’s goal is to custom-make jewellery for you with your specifications and preferences. However, what if you desire to include materials that do not go well together? A good designer will be open about this with you instead of blindly giving you what you had asked for. If using certain materials together will not work well, the designer will help you find alternatives that are more suitable. Assuming that you have little or no experience in jewellery design, you should follow the jewellery designer’s suggestion for the best results.

Bespoke jewellery makes perfect gifts for the people whom you cherish, like your spouse or significant other, your mother, grandmother, or daughter. It is the perfect way to express a sentiment and to celebrate the uniqueness of the individual. Share some special characteristics of the gift recipient with the bespoke jewellery designer. Sometimes there is a way to work those characteristics into the design. Imagine how impressed the gift recipient would be when she opens her gift.

Once you see how wonderful bespoke jewellery can be, you may never go back to buying jewellery “off the rack” in a store anymore. Bespoke jewellery makes great family heirlooms because of the personal touches that go into making it. These are irreplaceable pieces that are truly unique and beautiful.

One of the concerns people have about finding a bespoke jeweller is that they don’t know if they will be good to work with. Orsini in Auckland is a bespoke jewellery designer who works with plenty of repeat customers. The owner, Sarah, gets to know the client so she can suggest a design that will suit that person. From my own experience I know how good is as she helped me find an engagement ring for my girlfriend. If you want bespoke jewellery in Auckland, contact Orsini jewellers or go to their site